Thursday, June 1, 2017

Week of June 5th

Important Dates to Remember:
Friday, June 2nd: Mini-Society Prototypes due
Friday, June 2nd: Field Day
Monday, June 5th: NWEA make-ups
Monday and Wednesday June 5th and 7th: FLE
Friday, June 9th: Mini Society Market Day
Friday, June 16th: 1/2 Day - Last Day of School

We are officially finished with the NWEA and will be doing make-ups on Monday for students who didn't finish.  I'm sorry about all the testing this week.  I like to hold off on the NWEA as long as I can because I'm still teaching but I had to coordinate schedules with a few other teachers and it just worked out that Reading and Math were back to back.  Your kids did amazing though!!  I was so proud of their hard work this week!  They absolutely knocked my socks off!  I'll be sending home a formal report in next week's Friday folders so be on the lookout for that.  This is the same report I shared with you at Fall conferences so you'll be able to see exactly where your child started and where they ended in 4th grade.

Math: We've just finished up with our Geometry unit and we have just a little more Math to do before we're done for the year.  Next week, we'll begin looking at graphs and data a bit and we'll practice making graphs of our own.  Our last Math quiz will probably be on Monday, June 12th.  It's a pretty short test so never fear.

Language Arts: Our informational books are published and waiting for me to finish grading them.  I have about half finished and I'll send those home tomorrow.  The others will go home next week in Friday folders. We've been working on researching our states and we're just about finished up so we'll be starting our Google slide shows next week.  The kids should have fun with this because they are so creative and they collected great information about their states.  In Reading, we'll spend the rest of the year working on text structures.  We've done some fun plays to learn more about it and we even played Scoot this week.  We'll be reading and digesting a lot of short reading texts over the next two weeks, determining what text structure they are and why they fall into this category.

Social Studies: The kids are really pumped about Market Day next Friday.  Thank you for all of your help getting these products up and running!  I can't wait to see all of them next week!  It sounds like they all have some great ideas and they will do great next week!  I've been introducing new vocabulary to them and relating these to the products that they're making. Our last Economics test will most likely be Monday or Tuesday June 12th or 13th.  I think we'll be ready on the 12th but I'll let them decide since we'll be having a short math quiz that same day.

Science:  Our last unit of study is the Stars.  Mrs. Dew will have one more quiz for them to wrap up the unit.