Friday, May 19, 2017

Week of May 22nd

Important Dates to Remember:
  • Friday, May 19th:  Half Day 
  • Monday, May 22nd: M-Step Science Part 1
  • Tuesday, May 23rd: M-Step Science Part 2 
  • May 24-26: M-Step Make-ups
  • Friday, May 26th:  Half Day (Elementary Only)
  • Monday, May 29th: No School - Memorial Day 
  • Friday, June 2nd: Field Day 
  • Friday, June 9th: Mini-Society Sale (Note the date change)
FLE: FLE forms were sent home earlier this week.  It also has a permission slip that must be returned in order to have your child participate.  You may also elect to opt out of the program as well.  Mrs. Lindenberg, Dew and Wright will be teaching the girls and Mr. Hebert (5th grade teacher) will be teaching the boys.  The lesson dates are June 5 and June 7.  The materials will be available to preview on Monday the 18th at 4:00 in Mrs. Dew's room. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

NWEA: The NWEA is fast approaching and I'm trying to hold off a little longer so I can finish up the Math unit.  We'll be testing on Wednesday May 31st and June 1st.  We'll be doing make-ups the following week.

Math: We're continuing with our Geometry unit and the kids are doing well!  We're studying the properties of lines, angles, shapes, and sides.  Because of the large amount of new vocabulary, kids have been jotting down vocabulary in their math journal so they have something to refer to if they need it.  We'll be finishing up this unit within next couple of weeks. I'll keep you updated on when the test will be.  To end the year, we'll be doing some work with graphs and data.  If your child hasn't mastered their multiplication facts, please continue to remind them to review at home.  Thank you!

Language Arts: Our informational books are officially finished! Some students were able to submit their writing to the publishing center to be typed and bound and others wrote their books by hand. They worked very hard adding good details to their subtopics!  Our last writing unit is research!  Kids have all been assigned a state and they will be researching and creating a Google slide show when they are finished.

In Reading, we've been analyzing informational text, finding evidence to support our answers, and finding the main idea and supporting details in short reading selections.  We'll also spend some more time working on different text structures and I'll be doing some assessing along the way too.

Social Studies:  We're full steam ahead with our Economics unit.  We are learning about goods, services, wants, needs, scarcity and more!  Please note the following date change: We will be selling our products on Friday, June 9th instead of the 7th.  That gives us a few more days to make our products!  In the coming weeks, we will explain more about the production of products, quantity needed and we will ask them to bring in a prototype to share.

Science: We've been focusing on different phases of the moon and learning the necessary vocabulary that goes along with it.  There will be a quiz on Monday and the students should be looking over the review in the meantime.   Our last unit of study is the stars!