Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Week of April 24th

M-Step Dates are in!!  4th graders will be taking the test in May.  The dates are as follows:

Tuesday, May 2nd - Math
Wednesday, May 3rd - Math
Thursday, May 4th - ELA
Monday, May 22nd - Science Part 1
Tuesday, May 23rd - Science Part 2

Important Dates to Remember:

Monday, May 1st: Reading Logs Due
Friday, May 19th: 1/2 Day - Dismissal at 11:40
Friday, May 26th: 1/2 Day - Elementary Only
Monday, May 29th: No School - Memorial Day

Science Fair:  We had 6 students participate in the Science Fair this year!  I know a lot of hard work and time goes into preparing for the Science Fair.  Thank you for your dedication!  The kids loved hearing about all the different projects!!

Instrumental Music: Anderson Music was here this week presenting to the 4th graders about instrumental next year.  The kiddos were fitted with instruments they were interested in. They are very excited about the opportunity of playing an instrument next year!  I haven't received information about the plan for next year but I'm assuming they will be doing something similar to what they are doing this year. Currently, the 5th graders practice instrumental music twice a week and they begin at 7:30 AM.  Your child will be coming home with a folder from Anderson Music and it will give you more information if you're interested.

Math: In Math, we're rolling right along with our second unit of Fractions.  This week, we worked hard to multiply and divide to make equivalent fractions.  We'll use what we know about equivalent fractions to compare fractions of different sizes and then we'll move onto fractions and line plots. Next week, we'll move into Decimals.  If there's anything you can do at home to make fractions easier, please continue doing so.  The kids are really starting to make connections!!

Language Arts: In Reading, we're continuing to work through our informational unit and we've been focusing on main idea and supporting details. After this, we'll be doing some fun activities that will help us more with our understanding of main idea and supporting details.  We've been pulling out a lot of our Scholastic News articles. The articles are so interesting and it's been fun learning about many concepts in this unit through them.

We're in the midst of our Personal Expertise unit in writing.  They are taking a topic they know a lot about and organizing the subtopics into paragraphs and sections.  We will be digging deeper into our Scholastic News articles to see exactly how an informational book should be written as we add many text features to our books including headings, photos, captions, etc.

Social Studies
: Thank you for helping your child with their latest homework assignment in Social Studies.  Each child presented this information and we had an interesting conversation about why different families chose to come to the United States.  Human Geography is our umbrella topic with several concepts falling under it.  Over the next few weeks, we'll focus on learning how people have changed the earth in positive and negative ways, push and pull factors tied to immigration, and we'll touch briefly on the westward migration and slavery.

Science:  We just started our Sun, Moon, and Stars unit. To begin the unit, we'll be focusing on lessons that teach the students about the sun using their shadows.